You try to Save or Save & Close an element, but get this error message


Other indicator

You try to Upload Forecast Data, but the process does not complete


Further testing

  • You CAN save other types of elements ... so Castaway is working overall
  • You CAN save other elements of the same type, if they are not referred to in the invalid formula ... so there is not a systemic problem with that type of element


Likely issue

  • the element(s) you cannot save is referenced in a formula
  • that formula has become invalid because it also refers to one or more element(s) that have been deleted



  • find the invalid formula and remove the reference(s) to the deleted element(s)
  • at this stage, there is no simple way to find the invalid formula. Try the tips below


Tips for finding the invalid formula

If you do not know immediately which formula is causing the problem, we need to work through the problem manually. However, there are several approaches that can help us narrow down the issue


Approach #1

  • work down the Chart of Accounts, opening and trying to Save other elements
  • note any that show the same error. These are also likely to be involved in invalid formulas
  • review the list of problem elements and try to work out which formula they are used in

Approach # 2

If you don't know the file well enough to identify the formula using approach #1, we can start by working out which elements have formulas. One way to do this is:

  • go to  Forecast > Upload
  • click Build Upload Forecast Data Template ... Castaway downloads and tries to open a template in Excel. If you can't see it in Excel, check your downloads folder
  • Step 1: note any elements without any obvious main data entry line
    • eg for a Sales element, there may be a Days Credit line, but no other lines (like Enter Revenue, or Enter Unit and Enter Rate, or Link %)
  • Step 2: go to Castaway and open the elements you have noted
  • Step 3: if you find an element with a formula, work though the elements it references, looking for any that are not included in the chart of accounts

For further help

If you cannot find the problem yourself, send a support request to It is very likely we will need to review the file in detail, so please also invite us to the file