Managing your CoA

The structure of your Chart of Accounts will affect the way your Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reports appear. 

Castaway offers you the flexibility to design your Chart of Accounts the way you want at any point in your budgeting process.

You can adjust the settings of each Element to further refine where your accounts reporting positions are delivered in your Reports.

Each of the main Elements in Castaway is colour-coded to help you check at a glance how your Chart of Accounts is constructed.

To begin managing your Chart of Accounts, navigate to Forecast > Element Settings

Add a Section or Sub-section

Adding a section to your Elements is easy. Simply click the line under your Element and select the option that you need.


Rename or delete elements

You can Edit to rename your elements or Delete existing ones by right-clicking on the element and selecting the appropriate option.



Reorder the position of elements

You can even reorder your Elements. Click on the Element to select it, then drag it to the new location. When you see a green line appear, drop the element to place it.