Element Settings

Every Element making up your Chart of Accounts in Castaway has several configurable settings that can be adjusted to give you the forecasting outcome you are looking for.

It’s this level of customisation that makes Castaway so powerful and flexible.

Different elements will have different options, all created to deal with the potential ways you might want to forecast against that specific Element.

Accessing Element Settings

Element settings can be accessed from 2 different areas:

  1. Element Settings workspace
  2. External Sources workspace

From the Element Settings workspace

  1. Navigate to Forecast > Element Settings
  2. Click on the Element to open its settings
  3. Your screen will expand to display the element's settings (left) for adjustment and the Element Editor (right) to review your forecast after the settings have been applied
  4. Once your forecast is set up as you'd like, click Save and Close to exit or just Save to save your progress and continue working in this space

Sales Element Settings.png


From the External Sources workspace

  1. Navigate to External Sources > connect to your Source > Map
  2. Click on the Element in your Chart of Accounts to select 
  3. The Element Setting panel will appear on your left to allow you to adjust the element settings as your map your accounts via Integrations
  4. Choose either Save or Cancel to close the panel and return to the mapping screen

Sales element settings from mapping.png

Changing Element Settings

When looking to change the settings in an element you can expand and collapse the various headings available. Different Element Types will have different headings and options as they are tailored to the uniqueness of each Element Type.

Example: In a Sales Element, you’ll have Settings, Revenue, Invoices, and Cashflow as headings, whereas an Inventory Element gives you Settings, Cost of Goods Sold, Inventory, and Cashflow. 

Sales element settings.gif


You can set Tax Rates here, different to your default, or differentiate your forecast method to be dependent on a Driver or another Element.

Under invoicing, where it is available, you can have Castaway automatically calculate the forecast for you or set it up as a Prepayment or an Accrual.
Looking through these settings and seeing all the options available will expand the depth you can add to your forecast model. There are endless possibilities.

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