Actuals in Castaway

Castaway offers you two ways to bring in your Actuals:

  1. By Importing them via Integrations (recommended), OR
  2. By Manual Entry

To review any Actuals you've brought in, navigate to Forecast > Actuals Data


Navigating the Actuals Data workspace

The Actuals Data workspace is separated into 3 different tabs - Balance Sheet Data, Profit & Loss Data, and Other Data.

Your Financial Year information will be separated by a solid vertical grey line and your Active Actual Months will be marked by a dotted vertical grey line. 

Compared to Castaway Desktop, the current Actuals workspace is designed to be more data-based. This means the structure of your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss data will not be based on the structure of your Chart of Accounts, but rather on the Elements you've created. 

Balance Sheet Data

Will have columns of Opening Balances and periods of Actuals that you have set.

Profit & Loss Data

P&L data will begin from the first month of Actuals i.e. Opening Balances will not appear here.

Other Data

This includes additional Actuals data such as Drivers, Tax Losses and Inventory Purchase Units (if Units x Rate was the selected Forecast Method). Data like Actual Drivers or Purchased Units can be useful for a deeper model analysis.