Active Actuals Month

Active Actuals Month refers to the latest period where you have Actuals enabled.

When you create a project, you start off with ONE Active Actuals Month, which is your Opening Balance.

For example, if your Project Start Month is Jul 22, your project's Active Actuals Months will be set to Jun 22. 

You can adjust your Actuals Months by navigating to the top right in any workspace and clicking on the calendar icon.


Rolling Actuals Forward

When you're ready to bring in your Actuals, you'll need to Roll your Actuals Forward by navigating to Active Actuals Month, selecting the month you'd like to set the Actuals up until, and confirming that you'd like to proceed with the action.

You can then import multiple months of Actuals via Integrations in just a few minutes.


Rolling Actuals Backward

Rolling Actuals Back follows the same steps as Rolling Actuals Forwards; just change the Active Actuals Month to a previous period.

From your Actuals Data space, you'll observe that the dotted vertical line will now move to the Active Actuals Month to indicate to you when that is. 


Note: When you Roll your File Backward, you will not lose any of the Actuals information you have brought in so far.

When do you need to Roll your Actuals Backward? 

The most common reason you'd need to roll your Actuals backward is to adjust the forecast of your Actualised Months so that you can save a New Budget or Forecast to perform a required Variance Analysis.

You may realise the Budget or Forecast values you are comparing your Actuals against are not what you'd expect.

In this case, just roll it back, adjust your forecast and roll your file forward again.

You will not need to re-import as Castaway will retain the Actual values previously imported.