Manual Entry

Manually entering your Opening Balance and Actuals is one of the ways in which you can bring in your Actuals Data to Castaway.

The benefit of using this method is that you become more conscious of the values you are entering, giving you more control and understanding of your project.

Users who have a shorter Chart of Accounts may consider this method efficient.

However, if you prefer to streamline your workflow so that it's less manual and quicker, Importing Actuals via Integrations may be the better alternative for you.

Manual entry is not just for bringing in data. You may also use manual entry to adjust or remove values against an Element for a particular period.

Accessing the Actuals Data Workspace

Navigate to Forecast > Actuals Data to begin entering your values.

If your Actuals data is only showing 1 month of Actuals (i.e: your Opening Balance) in the Balance Sheet Data, you will need to Roll your File Forwards.


Working with Manual Entry

Select the cell to begin entering your information. You're able to copy and paste your information by single right-clicking on the desired cell to trigger the toolbar.

Select the most appropriate option. 

You can also navigate between each cell in the grid by using the arrow keys or by hitting Tab to move the active cell to the left.