1. Reporting in Castaway

Reporting is where the depth, flexibility, and robustness of our 3-way forecasting come to life. You can monitor performance, run Consolidated reports across multiple entities, share and collaborate with others, or present a story to key stakeholders


2. Navigating to the Report workspace

report settings.png

To access reports, go to Analysis and select Report on the left-hand panel. 

The available reports in Castaway will then be split into 3 different types:

  1. Key Reports
  2. Reconciliations
  3. Variance


Key Reports

This is where all your core fiscal reporting resides.

  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cashflow
  • Funds Flow
  • Income Statement 
  • Peak Borrowings 
  • Drivers



A series of reports geared to help you understand where the numbers are coming from, giving you insight behind the movements that make up your figures.

  • Taxable Income
  • Trade & Other Payables
  • Staff Costs Report
  • Trade & Other Debtors
  • Tax Reconciliation (Cash)
  • Staff Payables Report
  • Tax Reconciliation (Accrual)
  • Loans Payable
  • Capex Report
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sales Report



Where you can check the performance of the business to Budget or Forecast and make decisions based on what happened.

  • Profit & Loss Variance
  • Balance Sheet Variance
  • Cashflow Variance
  • Funds Flow Variance
  • Drivers Variance


Variance reports will only be available and active if you have:

  1. Saved your Budget, AND
  2. Have Active Actual Months beyond your Opening
  3. These settings can be managed from 'Manage Budget' and your 'Active Actuals Month' in the top right