1. Adding your own Report Formula

A powerful feature offered in Castaway's Report is the ability to add your own formulas to give deeper insight into the numbers being displayed. This allows you to add more context and information tailored to your audience.

For example, you may be reporting to your Bank and they have Bank Covenants that they regularly monitor. You can insert Bank Covenant reporting formulas that you've built into your reports to help communicate your compliance to them.


2. How to add a Report Formula

To add a Report Formula, you'll need to:

  1. Open the Report you'd like to add the formula to by selecting it via Analysis > Report 
  2. In your selected report, click on Edit Rows at the top left corner to activate the Report Editor
  3. You'll be able to add your Report Formula within any rows that have the Formula ( mceclip1.png) icon 
  4. Click on the mceclip2.png icon to begin building your Report Formula


3. Formula Builder


  1. In the Formula Builder, name your formula to how you'd like it to be displayed in your Report
  2. Then at the bottom right of the Formula Builder, select the line-stack icon to start entering figures or select the Elements you'd like to form part of your formula calculation
  3. Click on any of the mathematical functions to insert them into your formula
  4. Click on the eye icon to adjust and apply report presentation settings and formula calculation options
  5. The calculation method can be set to:

    • Standard: calculates for the month

    • Rolling: rolling calculation (for the number of months indicated)

    • Cumulative (Ongoing): a cumulative calculation that continues to the end of the report

    • Cumulative (Reset): a cumulative calculation that resets each financial year

  6. If your calculation makes mathematical sense, Castaway will indicate that it is valid and will allow you to Update

    When Valid, Castaway will allow you to Update When Invalid, Castaway will not allow you to Update until you have fixed the calculation
    mceclip5.png mceclip6.png



Selecting Update does NOT Save the Formula or the addition of the Report Formula to your Reports. You will need to exit the Formula Builder, return to your Report and Save Settings. 


4. Edit an Existing Formula

To edit an existing report formula, you'll need to be in your Report Editor. Then navigate to where that Report Formula is and click on the Formula icon to edit. Remember to Save Settings to apply the changes made. 


5. Remove an Existing Formula

To remove an existing formula, right-click on the built formula and select Remove Formula. Remember to Save Settings to apply the changes made. 



6. Other things to know

  1. To enter a hardcoded value as part of your calculation, enter the value then select the green plus sign to insert itvaluereportformula.gif
  2. To remove only one component of your formula, click on the 'X' button on the selected componentdeleteitemformula.gif
  3. To rebuild your formula from scratch, select Clear on the bottom left of Formula Builder to quickly delete your existing formula