Report Outputs

When you run a report, you can modify it as necessary via Report Settings and then choose to print or export it to Excel. These 2 functions are accessed from the toolbar of your selected report. 

  • mceclip1.png To print the selected Report
  • mceclip0.png  To export the report's data into Excel


Printing Reports.gif

When you select Print Report, you will have the option to select the Orientation of the report and the Scaling applied for printing. The numbers you see under Scaling will refer to the number of columns and the format is represented as M for months, Y for an annual column, and OM for the Opening Balance month). Once you click OK to confirm the Orientation and Scaling settings, the report will open in another tab where you will have the option to either download it as a PDF or print it from a local printer. 



Select Export Report Data to automatically trigger a download of your selected Report to your Downloads folder. The exported Excel is not formatted so it is easier for you to manipulate the information where necessary. The Export will also include any Report Formulas that you have inserted.