Dashboards in Castaway

Dashboards are a business intelligence tool enabling finance and accounting teams to visualise, track, and report on financial KPIs.

Dashboards allow you to visually present your information and add your own commentary to tell a story you have been modelling in Castaway.

Dashboards are a useful tool for decision-makers to make insight-driven decisions with transparency, accuracy & confidence.

You can include your Dashboards as an element of your Storyboard to complete the overall picture of your Project presentation. 

At the moment, we have a number of pre-built Dashboards in Castaway for you to access. You can also design your own Custom Dashboard.

Navigating to Dashboards

To access Dashboards, navigate to Analysis > Boards.

Using Dashboards

As mentioned above, you can click on any of our pre-built Dashboards and modify from there.

Pre-built Dashboards have already been considered and prepared for you by Castaway. Here, you can quickly pull together a set of boards which you can modify as appropriate to highlight trends in Profitability, Cashflow or Analysis.

You can generate a pre-built Dashboard using the following steps:

  1. Click on Custom Dashboard
  2. Enter a Dashboard Name
  3. Stay on the Start from a Prebuilt tab
  4. Review your pre-built options and select the one most relevant to you and your Project
  5. Click on Start Building to generate the Dashboard

Dashboard builder.png

After generating your Dashboard, you'll be taken to the Board Builder where you can review, customise and edit your board. 

Once you're happy with the changes you've made (if any), click on Save & Present to immediately enter Presentation Mode, or just click Save to return to your main Board workspace.

If you wish to create your own Dashboard, click on Custom Dashboard. If you need assistance, please see our resource on Creating Custom Dashboards for further guidance.