Customers have always been keen to apply a company brand to their Castaway Reports and other output. Branding your output adds an extra level of professionalism, polish and beauty to your reporting outputs.

Castaway allows you to create brands in the setup Overview space. This is an exciting new feature we hope you enjoy.

You can apply brand colours, brand fonts and logos to any of your Projects. You can retain Brands as templates as well and apply the preferences to all of your outputs.

Navigating to Brands

To Create a new Brand, head to Overview > Brand and select "Manage"


You'll be provided two options, Edit Brand and Go to Library.

  1. Edit Brand allows you to customise your Brand's logo, colours, name and Project description.
  2. Go to Library allows you to choose from pre-existing (saved) Brands.

Editing a Brand


After giving the Brand a name, you can add a logo and description.

Change colours by clicking on the colour circles. If you know the RGB or Hex code for your brand's colour scheme they can be entered in directly.



When you're happy with the Brand setup, click Save/Update.

You'll then be able to apply your new Brand to any new or current projects.

You can apply one brand to one project, but each brand can have two logos. This is useful for business advisors who would like to use their logo as well as the logo for the client. We recommend you use file type *.SVG for logos because this file format offers you the best quality output.

Choosing a Brand from the Library

If you prefer to select your Brand from the Library, click Go to Library.


From here, you'll be provided with a list of preset Brands which include System Logos and Colour Palettes. Click Apply to finish setting up your project.