The Integrations feature makes it easy to extract data from a range of accounting software. This article will be focusing on connecting a QBO file and how you can use that data to build and maintain a Castaway project.

Once integrated, you can:

  • Build a new Castaway project from your QBO file (including mapping)
  • Map the QBO Chart of Accounts to an existing Castaway project
  • Import Opening Balances
  • Import Actuals data (for one month or multiple months)

1. Accessing the Integrations feature

When connecting to QBO, you can access the Integrations feature in a few different ways.


Option 1: When creating a new project

When you first create a new project in Castaway, you'll be given the option to either immediately connect with an external source, or build your project manually. Click on the QBO logo to start.


You'll then be asked to log in to QBO if you haven't done so already. Your Project Details will be pre-filled with information from your QBO data but you can always adjust this as necessary.


Option 2: When working with an Existing Project

If you're currently working on a project and would like to connect with QBO, there are 2 ways:

  1. Overview > Integrations > Add OR
  2. Forecast > External Sources


Both will direct you to the External sources section. You can then click on the QBO logo to begin connecting to your QBO file. 



2. Connecting and selecting the QBO file

When you first connect, you'll be asked to select the QBO company you're working with. Choose the file, then select click Next to proceed.


Castaway will then ask for confirmation to connect with your data. Click Connect to proceed.


Make sure to select your file, then click Import. 




Change the number of months you'd like to load to Castaway from the bottom left of the above screenshot. The default is 24 months, which means you are loading data 2 years from today. 
Example: Today is Jan 2023, and loading 24 months will bring data from Feb 2021 - Jan 2023.


3. Mapping QBO accounts to Castaway

Once your file is connected, you'll still need to enable Mapping to start bringing your data into your project. To begin Mapping, click the Map button:


From here, just like with other External Sources like Excel, you can start to click and drag your accounts across to your Chart of Accounts.