One of the many benefits of a cloud product is the function of collaboration with colleagues and clients. Castaway allows you to do both easily.

This article is specifically about inviting external people to your Project. Three most common use cases for this are:

1. an advisor wishing to share a file (project) with a client, or

2. a commercial accountant wishing to share a file with a Non-Executive Director or Board member external to their business, or

3. a user needing to share a file with Castaway Customer Success team in order to resolve a problem.

If you are looking for advice on sharing files with colleagues in your own organisation, please refer to our separate article on Inviting colleagues to your Organisation.


Steps to invite a Guest to an existing Project

To add a guest, otherwise known as collaborate with someone external to your organisation, you must first have a Castaway Project to invite them into.

Learn more about Creating a New Project if you haven't done so yet.

The Guest you are inviting does not require an existing Castaway account. They will be guided to register and create their own account once they receive your invitation.

  1. Click on the Project you wish to share
  2. Navigate to Overview
  3. Under the "Shared with" tile, click on Add
  4. Click Invite User to begin inviting your new user
  5. You will be presented with a form. Please complete all fields
  6. Decide on their role by selecting between Active (full access right) or Read Only (limited rights)
  7. Once you have completed the form, the Send Invitation button will be live. Press this and your colleague will be emailed instructions to Register for a Castaway account (if they have not already) or accept the invitation to join your Organisation.
  8. The invited Guest will receive an email with instructions that will allow them access to your Project


Please note there is a distinction between what an Org User can see within an Organisation account and what an invited Guest can see.

Org Users can see and access ALL Castaway Projects in the Organisation to which they belong.

Invited Guests will only be able to access and work with Projects they have been invited to. Invited Guests will not see any other files in your Organisation list.