Castaway is designed to give you flexibility when creating reports that are tailored to your targeted audience.

When you Import your Actuals, your Cash Flow Report will report your General Trade Debtors/Creditors as a total in a single line (versus it being separated from your forecast onwards).

This article will walk you through how to report your Trade Debtors/Creditors by their Sales/Expense accounts to obtain an individual Cash Flow Report.


Elements that You Can Report Separately

Before you learn how to apply the setting, you'll first need to know which elements you can actually adjust this setting for. Overall there are only 3 elements that offer this option - Sales, Costs, Inventory and Fixed Assets. Other elements also offer an option to change how they are reported, but they do not affect the Trade Debtors or Trade Creditors. 


Change the Reporting Settings

  1. Navigate to Forecast > Element Settings and select the Profit and Loss element you'd like to separately report
  2. Under Settings on the left, locate the Debtor or Creditor Reporting setting
  3. Click on the drop-down arrow to change the setting from Trade Debtor/Creditor to Other options available. You will notice that sales element are also offering a distinct option named "Link to Debtors element", To be able to use this option, create a debtor element in the chart of accounts in "Debtor Elements" folder which is located above "Fixed Assets" folder in Balance sheet section of COA.
  4. Upon choosing other options (rather than trade Debtors/Creditors and Link to debtor elements), you can then select the preferred 'Opening Cashflow Method' and adjust the opening payment/receipts terms under the Cashflow tab accordingly. The actual values added in the Forecast > Actuals Data will then appear in the element data entry screen.
  5. Navigate to Forecast > Actuals Data > Balance Sheet data. You'll now notice that the accounts you've changed now have their own reporting lines for you to separately bring in your Actuals information under Trade Debtors/Creditors. You can also review this by scrolling down to the Balance Sheet section of the Chart of Accounts


    If you're importing your Actuals and have separate Debtor/Creditor account balances, you're now able to map them against the separately reported elements   

  6. Once you've entered your Actuals, you can review your Cash Flow report via Analysis > Reports > Key Reports > Cash Flow to confirm that the structure is as what you'd expect