In Forecast > Upload, I've clicked to download a Forecast Data template, but it hasn't downloaded.



In our experience, the most likely causes of this issue are:

  • Your browser's settings are blocking the download
  • A browser extension is blocking the download
  • You may have clicked multiple times too quickly, disabling multiple downloads from your browser



  1. Check your Browser Settings
  2. Check your Browser Extensions


Check your Browser Settings

First is to check your browser has blocked the download. If so, your screen may look like this


Click the download blocked icon and you'll be prompted for browser settings, which you can enable/disable on Castaway Cloud's website


Alternatively, you can head into your browser settings to enable/disable the setting overall


Or create a specific exception for Castaway Cloud


Once these settings are enabled, we'd recommend a quick refresh of Castaway Cloud, and then trying again. A successful download will show in the bottom left corner of your screen or can be seen in your browser download by typing Ctrl+J



Check your Browser Extensions

Once you have checked all of these settings, it's a good idea to check any extensions you may have enabled as some can block downloads from websites unless exceptions are provided. For this, as shown above in browser settings, make sure to allow the Castaway Cloud website through:


If the troubleshooting steps taken still don't resolve the issue, please reach out to our Customer Success team at