You have navigated to Analysis > Report and have selected a Variance Report but the report doesn't generate and nothing appears to have happened on screen.



The main reason why this is happening is that you have either not yet saved your Budget, or moved your Active Actuals Months forward. 

Please save your budget.png



To be able to generate your Variance report, you will need to ensure that you have:

  1. Saved your Budget, AND
  2. Moved your Active Actuals Month forward

Both conditions need to be met for you to be able to generate the Variance Report. 


Save your Budget

You will need to have a Budget saved to have a set of data for you to compare your Actuals against. Make sure that the Budget you are saving has the values that you wish to use in your Variance analysis.

To save your Budget, navigate to Manage Budget in the top right within any workspace of your Project and then select Save Budget. 



Move Active Actual Months forward

You will need to move your Active Actuals Months forward to generate a Variance Report as you will need a set of Actuals to compare your Budget to. After moving your Active Actuals Months, don't forget to import the Actuals so you truly have another data set to complete your comparative analysis.

Navigate to Active Actuals Month in the top right of your Project and select the month you'd like to set the Actuals up until. You can always change your mind and roll it back if you need to.