This policy relates to the provision of Customer Success assistance and financial credits relating to current subscribers of Castaway Desktop.


This policy is only applicable to current and financial subscribers of Castaway Desktop who are considering or intend to transition to Castaway Cloud.

To be clear, this policy is not applicable to: existing evaluators of any Castaway product, ex-users of any Castaway product or anyone who chose not to subscribe to Castaway Desktop, and have waited for the release of Castaway Cloud.


Castaway are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services.

We have served global accounting firms and SMEs since 2010 with our well-regarded Castaway Desktop software, our intention is always to continue to release powerful, dynamic, effective, and reliable products.

IMPORTANT: Castaway Cloud is a NEW product we are offering to the market. Castaway Cloud is not a replacement product for Castaway Desktop. However, we appreciate that the SaaS delivery offering of Castaway Cloud will be appealing to existing Castaway Desktop users and there will an enthusiasm to transition from one product to another.

We appreciate that many of our customers have questions and concerns about the transition process, and this policy alongside our FAQs, aims to address all of those issues.

The following matrix details the level of support provided to current Castaway Desktop subscribers, including links to specific processes:

Desktop Plan (all countries) CS Assistance Financial Credits Comments
Enterprise Yes – via Personal Castaway Account Manager Yes – as applicable Enterprise customers will be provided with a bespoke transition plan
Annual Yes – by application Yes – as applicable Annual customers can apply for financial credits for the prorated period remaining on their Desktop Plan upon purchase of a Cloud Plan*
Monthly Yes - by triage No We will enable Monthly Desktop customers to break contract and cease Desktop payments upon purchase of a Cloud Plan*
1-Month Flexible No No 1-Month Flexible customers can complete the remainder of their plan and choose to purchase a Cloud Plan*


*In the process of transitioning from Castaway Desktop to Castaway Cloud, before deciding the date to end your Castaway Desktop subscription, it is important to consider whether you may need to maintain both products for a short period. We will be guided by your business need and we are here to discuss any implications with you.

Castaway Cloud offers many benefits to our customers, including increased flexibility, accessibility, security, scalability and improved functionality. Our SaaS product also ensures automatic updates, ensuring users always have access to the latest features and patches without having to be concerned with a manual update.

We are committed to providing resources to assist all of our customers during the transition process, including FAQs, webinars, process maps and online tutorials. We encourage all customers to take advantage of these resources to ensure a smooth transition to Castaway Cloud.

If you still have questions, please contact us by email at: