You find that you are unable to Create a New Project or Save any changes made to a project. Some functions may be disabled or grayed out for you.



Reasons why you may be experiencing this include:

  1. Limitations of your access level in the Project
  2. An expired Castaway subscription



Limitations of your access level

If you have been invited to a Castaway project, you'll need to first check that you have been invited as an Active user and do not have Read-only access. You can review this by going into the specific Project and checking the Collaboration section in Overview to review your permissions.


An expired Castaway subscription

Your Castaway subscription may be expired from an expired credit card that did not go through during your monthly renewal. When this happens, your access is limited as your subscription has technically lapsed. To resolve this, just update your billing details and the invoice should be processed immediately after. 

If none of the above resolves your issue or if you need further assistance with updating your billing details, please reach out to our Customer Success team.