What we do

The short answer to this question is we never collect or store your payment information. We use Payment Gateways to collect and store your payment information, linked securely to our recurring billing system. This will be explained in detail below.

You will provide your credit card or banking details when you purchase a subscription. This is a secure link. If it appears there's a reason you don't trust a link sent to you, please contact our Customer Success team immediately.

Making changes to your payment details (in-app)

Should you need to change or update your payment information, your Account Owners can manage this in the app. The steps to do so are as follows:

1. Log into Castaway and select 'Manage Account' from the drop-down on your icon (top right-hand corner

2. Select the 'Manage Payment Details' tab

3. Choose 'Add New' and follow the steps. Your new payment method will be updated in our secure payment gateway.

Our Payment Gateways and Recurring Billing

We use payment gateways to collect automated, recurring subscription fees as follows:

1. Stripe - for credit card recurring subscription payments

2. GoCardless - for bank account/ direct debit recurring subscription payments

Our recurring billing system is Chargebee.

We are confident in the security measures taken to protect your information by our payment gateways and recurring billing system.

What NOT to do

Please NEVER send us credit card or bank details via any medium. Our team will NEVER ask you to provide any financial information over the phone or via email.