Castaway's Refund Policy informs customers of the conditions where a refund would be honoured.
Under Australian Consumer Law, Castaway are required to refund or exchange (by offering an equal alternate product) if our software has a major problem. Usually, this will be limited to products that are deemed unsafe or significantly differ from their description. We may extend this to include when we are unable to provide the software, but not when our customers are unable to access it. For instance, if a customer's regular internet service is not working, we will not provide a refund.
This document incorporates the refund provisions of the Australian Consumer Law to ensure we adhere to the rights of our customers. It also outlines the instances in which we won’t provide a refund. This includes when customers simply change their mind or are responsible for the reason they cannot access the software.
Castaway will ensure we comply with Australian Consumer Law and the rights of customers. Our Refund Policy is attached for your information.
Please note, these policies are our company assets and, therefore, no permission is given to reproduce this content for the use of an external party. Please email coo@castawayforecasting.com if you have any concerns.