Disclaimers have a versatile role and can be used to address a broad spectrum of issues and concerns related to reports distributed to a business's stockholders. This includes purposes such as clarifying specific aspects of the report, establishing usage limitations, and mitigating potential legal or liability issues, among other functions.

In Castaway, you have the option to include and employ disclaimers to use in your storyboards.


Administrative account holders have the ability to add and modify disclaimers. Access can be obtained through the Resources tab within the Manage Account.

To include a disclaimer, you simply need to click the Add New button, assign a name to the disclaimer, and insert your desired text into the provided disclaimer box and press save.



You can eliminate unwanted disclaimers by left-clicking on the three-dot menu next to them and choosing the Remove option from the pop-up list. 

Once a disclaimer is removed, it will be deleted from your list but will continue to be in effect wherever it was previously applied within Storyboards.


Likewise, you can set a disclaimer as the default in the same manner as described above.

Tip: The default disclaimer is the one that will appear in your storyboards if you choose to include a disclaimer in your storyboard.


Edit Disclaimer

If you need to edit an existing disclaimer, you can do so by clicking on its name, which is displayed as a hyperlink under the Name column. By clicking on the text, a toolbar will appear, allowing you to make changes to your text.