Before you access Castaway Cloud software, you will need to Register. Registration is required regardless of your reason for access: Evaluator, Invited Guest, Org Owner, Analyst or Admin.

There are 2 ways to Register

1. The easiest and most efficient way to Register an account with Castaway Cloud is to complete the simple form at this LINK. You will be presented with this form: 


2. Each time you encounter our website, before logging in, you will be presented with the screen below. The second way to access the Registration form is by clicking on the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen. If you click that link, you will be taken to the Registration form.


Castaway Cloud register page.png


After you have registered successfully, it is important you confirm your account by responding to the email you receive from "Castaway Forecasting" ( When you receive this email, please click on the tab "Activate my account".

Once you have activated your account this way, subsequent sign ins will allow you to reset your password and sign in with Xero.

If you are having trouble, here are some possible reasons why...

1. Entering email address, then clicking on the Forgot? link to reset your password

Cloud forgot password button.png

This method of access won't work, because you do not yet have an email address registered with Castaway, meaning there is nothing to reset.

2. Signing in with Xero, before registering.

Cloud sign in with Xero.png

This method won't work, because there is not yet a registered Castaway account to connect to Xero.

If your sign-up issues are different to the above and you are having trouble registering or receiving our confirmation emails, please reach out to Customer Success: