Once you sign up to use Castaway, you will belong to an Organisation (also referred to as "Org"). Your Organisation will likely be your company. 

It is important to structure your Organisation well from the start. The person who will be responsible for your Organisation's Castaway account, management, billing, Castaway access and general commercial relationship with our company, is referred to as the Org Owner.

Org Owners are, essentially, super Admins in control of your company's Castaway account. Org Owners can add and remove Administrators (also referred to as "Admins") and Analysts and change roles as required.

Admins can add and remove other Admins and Analysts.

Admins and Analysts can create Projects (also referred to as Castaway Files). Admins and Analysts can invite Guests to individual Projects.

Guests are external to the Organisation. Guests can be invited with Active (full access) or Read Only rights. The inviter chooses the Guest's rights prior to sending the invite.

Admins and Analysts can (currently) see and access ALL files/ projects in the Organisation's account. We will soon have a Privacy option where Admins can make certain Projects "private", limiting access to only those who have been invited.

Guests can only see the files they have been invited to. Guests cannot see other files in the Organisation's account.