The Problem

You connect to Xero and import Actuals data to Castaway, but the Forecast > Actuals Data screen shows no data or incorrect data for one or more months. 


The import process from Xero is designed to be simple and trouble-free. If you are not seeing the results you expect, we need to identify where the problem is arising. 

The import process involves 4 steps:

  1. you connect successfully to Xero and select the Xero file
  2. data is imported from Xero into the Castaway mapping screen
  3. Xero accounts are mapped to elements in the Castaway chart of accounts
  4. Opening and/or Actuals data is imported into Castaway accounts

To troubleshoot this process, we recommend:

  1. confirm you are successfully connected to the correct Xero file (we assume this is the case, but include it for completeness!)

  2. confirm data is imported into the Castaway mapping screen
    1. in the Castaway mapping screen, can you see the Xero data (account number, description, account type, etc)
    2. if you scroll the mini-graphs, can you see numbers in the Value column?
    3. if all of the Values are 0, the problem lies with sourcing data from Xero (this would be extremely unusual, but must be considered as a possibility)
    4. if you can see numbers, can you see them for all the months you expect to see? If not, Refresh your data and review the Data Month Range you are requesting from Xero

  3. Are all Xero accounts mapped to Castaway elements (or at least all Xero accounts containing values)?
    1. if not, update and save the mapping, then try importing the Actuals months into the Castaway chart of accounts again
    2. note that we recommend using the Archive icon for any accounts with no values that you don't want to map to Castaway. This increases the information value of the count and indicators of Unmapped accounts

  4. After importing for the selected months, go to Forecast > Actuals data and confirm you can you see Actuals data for all of the months you expect to see
      1. if you can see data, but the numbers are wrong or the Balance Sheet screen shows an Out of Balance, we need to consider:
        1. prior period entries into Xero that may not have been re-imported into Castaway
        2. accounts that have been remapped. If mapping changes so a Castaway element no longer has any Xero accounts mapped to it, later imports will not overwrite any data previously imported against that Castaway account. You will need to manually delete the previously imported data. Another approach is to zero out all Actuals data for the relevant month(s) and then reimport. 
        3. manual entry into the Actuals data screen. There are many reasons why you might want to make manual adjustments to the Actuals data. When doing so, please be aware of the impact on overall data integrity
      2. . If you cannot see data for one our more months you selected for import, this would be extremely unusual ... at this stage we would recommend contacting our support team on