Forecast Data

Once you’ve built and structured your Chart of Accounts, you’ll be in the position to start building your Castaway model.

This section will guide you around the information you need and some things to consider.

Elements are configured using Element Settings. These settings provide the flexibility to build and model your forecast in a meaningful way. For more information, please refer to Element Settings.

Options for entering Forecast Data

There are 2 methods to build your forecast in Castaway. They are:

Import from Excel

If you have existing forecast data in a spreadsheet, or are more comfortable using Excel as a separate exercise, use Castaway's Forecast Data Template to transform your information and upload it to Castaway. The Castaway-generated template is built around the inputs of each element you have configured for. This method also allows you to forecast all your elements in a single space.

Manual Build

This is a great way to build up your forecast, adjusting the Element Settings as necessary as you enter numbers into each element. The added advantage of a Manual Build, essentially setting up your forecast element-by-element, is that you gain more control and have ultimate flexibility in the build of your forecast.