Storyboards in Castaway

Storyboards is one of our most exciting new features and we know it will be a popular addition to Castaway (Cloud).

Storyboards are your management reports.

Reports, Dashboards, and your own added commentary can be collated to provide a deeper insight for your business or your clients. You can use graphs, reports, commentary, disclaimers, photos and other graphics in the preparation of your Storyboard.

You can use Storyboards to tell different stories from your Project file to your audience. 

At the moment, the ability to design your own Storyboard is under development but we feel confident you will find value in our pre-built Business Health Check Storyboard. Keep an eye out for more upcoming storyboards to choose from.


Navigating to Storyboards


To access the available Storyboards, navigate to Storyboards > Storyboards and select the one you want to open.

After opening a Storyboard template, you can add additional pages by clicking on the plus icon in a dark blue circle. In the window that pops up, you can either select a Layout page or a Disclaimer page by left-clicking on your preferred choice.

To edit or delete a page, click on the three dots located on the top right-hand side of that page:

Layout page

To create your layout page, follow these steps:

  1. Add Widgets: Begin by adding widgets to your layout page. Simply drag and drop the desired widget to the location where you want it on the page.

  2. Resize Widgets: To adjust the size of a widget, click and drag its corners to make it larger or smaller as needed.

  3. Relocate Widgets: To move a widget to a different spot on the page, click and hold the widget, then drag it to the desired location.

  4. Manage Widgets: You can manage widgets by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of the widget. This will allow you to bring the widget to the front, send it to the back, clear the widget, or remove it entirely.


Rename the Page

You can rename the page while you are in the edit mode by typing the name in the Page Name box:


Image widget

To add an image widget, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Image icon located in the middle of the widget.

  2. Click on "Upload an image" to navigate to your computer's files. Browse, find, and select the image you wish to add to the widget.

  3. Once the image is uploaded and added to the library, it will appear in the left sidebar, making it available to be added to any image widget.

  4. To add the image to the widget, left click on the uploaded image in the left sidebar, and it will be inserted into the image widget.


Logo widget

To add a logo widget, follow these steps:

  1. Select the logo icon.

  2. select the logo you wish to add to the widget by a left click on the logo in the left sidebar.


Once the logo is added to the widget, you can adjust the border and background color of the logo via the Style tab.

Text widget

To add a Text widget, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the text icon within the widget options.

  2. Once the Text widget is selected, you can type and edit your text. Click on the widget, and you'll know it's in edit mode when the border is highlighted, and the cursor and editing menu appear on the screen.


You have the option to display or hide the title by toggling the Show heading feature under Text Options. Additionally, you can customise the text's border and background color by accessing the Style tab.



The default disclaimer will be assigned once you select the Disclaimer page to your storyboard.

To learn how you can Add/edit disclaimers please refer to Inserting Your Company Disclaimer


Publishing your storyboard

To generate a PDF version of your storyboard, access Global settings to modify the Storyboard Month and select your preferred footer option, which can include Date, Time, Title, or Project Name and save your changes by clicking Update



Lastly, click on Publish PDF and provide a name for your PDF copy, then hit the Publish button. It may take a minute or two for Castaway to generate your customised PDF copy.


Your published PDF copy can be accessed through the Storyboards section under Published PDFs. From here, you have the flexibility to view, download, rename, or delete your PDFs.

In case you have a lengthy list of PDFs, you can streamline the process by utilising the search function to quickly locate your desired PDF. Alternatively, you can employ the sort function for each column, allowing Castaway to efficiently organize the list based on your chosen criteria.