Castaway Variance Reports allow you to compare actual performance results against your Budget or Forecast to identify areas where variances exist. These reports help to better understand the reasons for any discrepancies in performance.


1. Accessing Variance Reports

You can access the readily available Variance Reports by navigating to Analysis > Report > Variance. Castaway currently offers 5 different reports to choose from:

  • Profit & Loss Variance
  • Balance Sheet Variance
  • Cashflow Variance
  • Funds Flow Variance
  • Drivers Variance


If nothing happens when you select any of the above reports, this means that you have yet to fulfill all the conditions required. You will need to ensure that:

  1. You have saved your Budget, AND
  2. Your Active Actuals month has been moved forward


2. Variance Report Layout

The Variance Report looks a lot like your original report but the columns now report on the month's Actuals against its Forecast or Budget (depending on your report view) and the Variance calculation in both dollars and percentage. 


You can also choose how you want your report to look (e.g. to include QTD or YTD values) by adjusting its report settings. Learn how to Navigate Report Settings here.