Your Budget or Forecast values that are being used in comparing against your Actuals in your Variance Reports are not what you expect. They could appear as 0 or as old values.

Example whereby Budget is 0:




There are a few potential reasons why this is happening:

  1. The element that is not displaying the correct value was added after you Saved, OR
  2. You Saved before adding the forecast data (hence all zeroes), OR
  3. The saved version is an old version that needs to be updated

Check out Manage Budgets for a reminder of what the Castaway Budget or Forecasts are, and how to manage them. 



There are four parts to resolving this and making sure your values are the ones you want.

  1. Roll your Active Actuals Months back: Set your Active Actuals Month back to the first month that does not have your expected values. This is so that you move on to step two and …
  2. Review your forecast: Ensure that the forecast values entered are the ones you expect and want to compare against your Actuals. If they are not, you can always do a quick upload via the Forecast Data Template
  3. Save Budget or Save Forecast: Lock the numbers in place as your Budget or Forecast by Saving them
  4. Roll your Active Actuals Months forward: Return your Active Actuals Months to the latest months of Actuals. You won't need to reimport Actuals as Castaway will have retained the values you imported before