Home Page


You'll land on the Home Page when you first log in to your account. You can navigate back to this page at any time during your work, by clicking on the Castaway logo on the top left of your screen.

Here, you can choose from a list of Projects you have permission to access, search for specific Projects or create a new Project.



Opening a Project will take you straight to the Overview page.

The Overview page provides a summary of the settings you've applied to your project. Here, you can change any of the Project details you first entered upon setting up, create and apply a Storyboard Brand, create new Integration connections or adjust your Tax rates and methods



The Forecast page is where you'll spend most of your time planning, building and managing your model as well as managing your Actuals.

There are 4 spaces for you to navigate from the panel on the left:

  1. Element Settings: Manually add elements, review and change your project's Element Settings and model or enter your Forecast information
  2. Opening Actuals: Holds your Actuals that can be imported via Integrations, or manually entered
  3. Upload: Gives you the opportunity to download your project's Forecast Data Template used to quickly import your forecast information via Excel
  4. External Sources: Connect, map and import your data from an Integration source
  5. Global Settings: Allows the creation of additional currencies



Navigate to Analysis to access the full suite of Reports offered by Castaway or to create stunning Dashboards to add graphical interpretations to your numbers. 



Storyboards are where Dashboards and Pages with your own added commentary come together in beautiful harmony to provide a visual representation of the story of the business and deeper insight to your stakeholders. Considered to be a very powerful suite of management reports, Castaway Storyboards will provide an excellent report pack representation of your model to your audience.